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COMSOL Certified Consultants

Welcome to emPhys Physical Technology

Your enterprise is innovative and takes advantage of the latest development tools. Starting from a product idea you want to proceed to prototyping and market launch as fast as possible.

Simulation techniques can be your significant advantage:

      Conduct fast feasibility studies

      Save prototype cycles

      Parameter studies and optimization

      Visualization in optimum quality


Multiphysical computer simulation is the ideal complement to conventional development and optimization in prototype cycles. Technical meanders can be identified and avoided. Optimization is more comprehensive and diligent.


Our tool is COMSOL Multiphysics. Various physical systems can be simulated separately or in coupled models. Here is where our current main focus is:

      Radio frequency systems, antennas, waveguide structures

      AC/DC systems, transformers, electromagnets

      Thermal systems

      Structural systems, vibrations, strength

      Acoustics in fluids and solids

      Verification of electromagnetic systems in our electronic laboratory


Let's talk about your projects. We elaborate suitable solution strategies in a dialog with you. We compute the models on our powerful machines and present results and solutions in a meaningful and appealing way.

We assist if you want to set up your own COMSOL Multiphysics simulation environment. We guide in the choice of suitable software modules, hardware purchase and training of employees. We set up model templates that can be modified and extended by the specialists in your company.

Our experience is your advantage!